Introducing Heaven Sent Her.

Zemi Stewart is the founder, lead coordinator and coach at Heaven Sent Her (HSH). HSH specializes in detail-oriented, service-driven day-of-coordination, bridal coaching and bridal wellness programs. We provide a one-of-a-kind bridal experience and go above and beyond our call of duty. Our goal is to help you to execute a beautiful wedding and even more beautiful marriage while focusing on your overall health and well being.

At Heaven Sent Her, we truly believe in exceptional service and take being a “God-send” to heart and will do everything in our power to ensure you experience heaven on earth on your wedding day.

View our feature in Adriana Weddings Magazine, pages 166 to 177.

Wedding Day Coordination

At Heaven Sent Her, service is paramount. We will ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible via vendor recommendations, event management, day-of vendor management and day-of wedding coordination. In a nutshell, we will be there to pay your vendors’ outstanding funds, double-check the décor set-up, help you get dressed, secure your belongings, change your shoes, adjust loose hair pins or smooth rouge strands of hair and to ensure you look and feel your very best.

Our Coordination Packages

Our packages combine wedding management, coordination and bridal wellness. Trust me, even with amazing vendors, able-bodied ushers, a bridal party full of ride-or-dies, supportive parents, loving in-laws and a site manager, things can go wrong on your wedding day! A wedding coordinator is a necessary addition to your tribe. Our staff is comprised of former brides who understand the unique needs of brides and essential aspects of wedding-day management.


  • Save time and money and enjoy the wedding planning process so much more
  • Be able to focus on the beauty of the marital union
  • Avoid transforming into bride-zilla
  • Have a beautiful, well-planned and executed wedding


  • Provide vendor recommendations and coaching throughout the wedding planning process
  • Review vendor contracts and desired wedding décor and styling to ensure everything is as you envisioned
  • Assist out of town guests with accomodation and transportation arrangements (via recommendations)
  • Attend and coordinate the wedding rehearsal
  • Prepare a wedding day timeline and share with bridal party and vendors
  • Manage ushers and perform guest management duties
  • Discuss with the officiant the order of events for the ceremony
  • Perform vendor management and coordination
  • Triple check that vendors are aware of expectations, venue and set-up time
  • Share with the photographer the schedule of photographs and ensure the bride, groom and wedding party are in place when and where required
  • Ensure bride’s change of shoes / dress are at the correct venue on time
  • Ensure grounds are left clean or as agreed with venue manager / owner
  • Distribute final payments and gratuities as needed to vendors
  • Retain the marriage license for the officiant, if desired
  • Retrieve wedding gifts/cards and personally hand the cards to you or a designated party at the end of the night
  • Arrange for all of your personal items to be packed up and given to a designated family member or secured in room or vehicle
  • Ensure you have a peaceful wedding day and are able to focus on the marital union and enjoy being celebrated

Note: Coordination services begin at least one to three months prior to the wedding; however, we are available for coaching and support from the booking date through to the wedding day.

  • 50 or less guests
  • 1 senior day-of coordinator, up to 16 hrs
  • Wedding Rehearsal Direction
  • Bride Swag
  • 150 or less guests
  • 1 senior day-of coordinator, 14 hrs
  • 1 jr. day-of coordinator, 6 hrs
  • Wedding Rehearsal Direction
  • Bride Swag
  • 250 or less guests
  • 1 senior coordinator, 14 hrs
  • 1 jr. coordinator, 6 hrs
  • Wedding Rehearsal Direction
  • Bride Swag
  • 350 or less guests
  • 2 senior coordinators, 14 hrs
  • 1 jr. coordinator, 6 hrs
  • Wedding Rehearsal Direction
  • Bride Swag

Payment plans available. Clients receive a 15% discount if the balance paid in full at the time of booking. No discounts available for bookings made less than one month prior to the wedding day.

Our Couples


Zemi Stewart & her team, Heaven Sent Her, were there on time and made sure everything was in place to go smoothly! She attended rehearsal with us, she prepared a wedding day timeline for us and sent copies to the bridal party for everyone to be on one accord. I woke up at 8 am for my 12 pm wedding and they were sending me back to bed to rest and prepare me for a full day ahead. I’m so happy that I chose Zemi and her team. I was well rested and anything I could think of doing or making sure was done, Zemi had covered. They walked from Beach Towers to Coral Towers at Atlantis back and forth and never once complained. Thank you so much Zemi, Savion and I appreciate you & your team. Heaven truly sent you.

— Ashleyann Rahming, 2019 Bride

Everyone always tells you how much work goes into even the smallest wedding, but it seems we all never fully grasp the complexities of making everything run smoothly until we’re in the thick of it. I am tremendously grateful to have had Zemi onboard, managing all of the details on my special day.  From keeping a tight schedule, coordinating guest arrivals, and handling all the last-minute headaches that popped up, down to the minutiae of place settings, Zemi was always poised and patient. She allowed Meghan and I the freedom to soak in our day and fully enjoy ourselves without worry..

— Dominic Mitchell, 2020 Groom

Dominic & Meghan

Zemi was a literal God-send, supporting me throughout the planning process which had many unexpected twists and turns this year given the pandemic. From the beginning she went above her call of duty, providing advice and checking in months in-advance despite being contracted primarily for day-of coordinating services. There were only two initial hesitations [and I say hesitations because they weren’t really concerns] that I had which she completely and quickly dispelled: (i) whether she would be able to manage both her day job and the demands of the wedding in the days leading to the big day; and (ii) whether she would even be able to make it given the travel restrictions in place at the time. Regarding the first, she did a fantastic job and never made me feel as though she was taking on too much, especially during the T-1 site visit! Regarding the second, I cannot express how grateful I am that she was able to make it to Nassau despite having to take repeat RT PCR tests, enduring flight cancellations and all! That meant the world. As for the wedding day itself, she executed perfectly and calmly! We asked her to wear so many hats – boat logistics manager, plumbing liaison, and photography director. She did it all in stride and made sure Dom and I didn’t have to worry about a single thing on the day. We couldn’t have done it without her and we can’t wait to continue our celebrations with her in 2021!

— Meghan Mitchell, 2020 Bride